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Why is Microneedling Training Important?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Microneedling training with a live instructor offers added value to your practice. Device-specific training ensures the correct technique is used when guiding the device for optimal patient outcomes Training will help you fully understand intended uses, indications, and precautions. It will also help you to become familiar with the procedure.

In addition to general treatment, good training will also cover safety protocols and device maintenance. Microneedling training will help you perfect your technique for the specific device used.

For example, with the Rejuvapen NXT®, the TRU Vertical technique is taught to maximize the benefits of the device’s design. TRU Vertical involves a stamping action rather than moving the device tip along the skin like a sander. This stamping action ensures there is no unnecessary trauma to surrounding soft tissue beyond the needle pricks.

Additionally, the training should cover the device settings based on the specific area treated. To easily understand the need for different depth settings, feel the difference in thickness between the skin on the forehead compared to the skin of the cheek. Needle depth guidelines, which the instructor will cover during training, are integral to achieving desired results. Training will also cover contraindications, warnings, and clinical precautions around treatment.

In addition to proper preparation and aftercare, the correct technique will ensure successful outcomes for your patients. Click here to learn more about advanced microneedling with Rejuvapen NXT® and the live online training in the Tru Vertical Technique that is included with the device.

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