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How to Find the Best Microneedling Device

Here are some questions that are important to ask when considering investing in a microneedling device for your aesthetics practice.

Does it have the proper regulatory validation? Look for FDA 510k clearance and/or a valid CE mark. Not only does this ensure the device works as advertised, it also protects your practice.

Did you compare the tips of the microneedling devices you are considering? The cost of the microneedling tip is a key factor in per treatment expense. The cost of this consumable, as well as the quality, effectiveness, and safety, can vary.

Is battery or plug-in power better for your needs? This is another important thing to consider as, for example, battery power might provide more portability but it also limits treatment time.

Is it designed for professional use? Some microneedling devices are designed for consumer use. Others are category II medical devices sold strictly for professional use.

Why are depth settings important? For optimal microneedling outcomes, setting the needle at the optical depth as dictated by the patient’s anatomy is critical. For example, the skin around the forehead is typically thinner than the layer beneath the eyes. Precision is important as even 1/10th of a millimeter can make a difference.

How much torque can the device produce? Having the right amount of torque ensures that the device drives the microneedles consistently when lightly touched against the skin and not pressing into it.

Is training included? To ensure optimal patient outcomes, training on the specific device is crucial.


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1 Comment

Amy Ruiz Rodriguez
Amy Ruiz Rodriguez
Dec 21, 2022

Is this product medical grade?

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