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Tru Vertical Microneedling Awarded Trademark

Updated: May 31, 2022

Refine USA platinum standard microneedling technique was recently awarded a U.S. Registered Trademark. Tru Vertical® microneedling results in more effective healing while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact. Tru Vertical® needling was developed for use with the company’s advanced microneedling device: Rejuvapen NXT®.

Tru Vertical® microneedling uses a light touch against the skin that is repeated until the area of the skin has been fully covered. Pinpoint bleeding without pain or discomfort is the desired post-procedure outcome.

Tru Vertical® microneedling is taught in the live online instruction included with the device. “We feel that it is important to invest in training for our providers,” Brian J. Smith, president of Refine USA, said. “Using Tru Vertical needling is key to achieving the best results with our microneedling device. When used with Rejuvapen NXT®, the technique ensures that patients get truly amazing results with lessened discomfort, while lowering potential for bruising or tearing of the skin.”

“Our focus continues to be bringing not only the most effective products — but also the most successful techniques — to aesthetic medicine,” Brian added.

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