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Refine Named Top 10 Med Aesthetics Firm

Refine USA was recently named a Top 10 Med Aesthetics Firm by Med Tech Outlook magazine. The Jacksonville Beach, Florida-based company’s Rejuvapen NXT® microneedling device was also featured.

The article in the May 2022 issue discusses the rising demand for aesthetic procedures and how new innovations like microneedling have driven the growth of the medical aesthetics industry.

The article also touches on Refine USA’s design philosophy: leveraging the body’s ability to heal itself. “Microneedling creates wounds causing the body to make more collagen and elastin that help heal the skin. It basically hijacks the body’s immune responses for aesthetic purposes.” Brian J Smith, President, says in the piece.

The Med Tech Outlook article discusses how Refine’s flagship device, Rejuvapen NXT®, leverages an advanced design to deliver exceptional results. With advanced microneedling techniques such as the Tru Vertical® stamping method, Rejuvapen NXT® microneedling pen creates optimal results with less trauma to the surrounding tissue. The plug-in power option generates enough torque to use the device with a gentle touch against the skin. At the same time, Refine USA’s patented ISO Tips® create a barrier between tip and device and are the most cost-effective disposable tips on the market.

In essence, the article explains, the Rejuvapen NXT® provides aesthetic physicians with the opportunity to develop a new revenue line for their practice, like a business in a box.

“Our aim is not just to provide a device. We offer comprehensive support and training along with the product, providing our customers with an investment option to grow their business,” adds Smith.

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