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Microneedling Aftercare: What You Need to Know

Microneedling aftercare is simple, but establishing a routine is the key. The main two points to keep in mind are maintaining clean skin and protecting it from further damage.

“The treatment is really just beginning at the end of a microneedling session, as new collagen will be produced for 6 to 8 months afterward. The main things are to keep the skin on a healing trajectory and follow your provider's advice,” microneedling expert Marie Piatino, President of the Advanced Aesthetic Education Group, said.

As with any wound care, it is best to keep the treatment area clean without using harsh or irritating substances. Piatino suggests using a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser with mild enzymes in the morning and night. Try not to scrub too hard; gentle exfoliation is all that is needed.

Another key to microneedling success is limiting further damage to your skin from solar radiation. Although many sunscreens block UV-A radiation, look for a high-quality sunscreen that also blocks UV-B radiation. Blocking both forms of solar radiation will better prevent further cellular damage and help to preserve your results.

Be sure to check with your provider before using anything topically following microneedling therapy, including sunscreen. Many providers also suggest topical antioxidants and other serums like peptide gels following collagen induction therapy.

Piatino, who is also a scientific consultant to Rejuvapen, suggests applying a copper repair cream to the treatment area. As with any medical treatment, however, please follow the specific advice of the provider for aftercare recommendations.


Refine USA offers several complete microneedling aftercare product lines, including Ontogeny C and AQ Skin Solutions. We also produce a proprietary line to complement Rejuvapen NXT® microneedling treatments called RP Complex. Contact us to learn more about our premier line of facial rejuvenation products.

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