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Microneedle Tips for Rejuvapen NXT® Awarded Patent

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The right microneedling device tip is needed to achieve optimal results with aesthetic microneedling procedures. In response to the need for an improved microneedling device tip, Refine USA developed the ISO™ Tip for exclusive use with the Rejuvapen NXT®.

Refine USA was recently granted U.S. Patent No. 10,945,759 to protect proprietary features of these next generation microneedling device tips. One of these patented advances is a flexible sleeve that creates a fluid-tight barrier between the disposable tip and the microneedling device. This breakthrough design reduces the risk of contamination during this popular aesthetic procedure.

In addition to improved safety, each ISO Tip features 12 stainless steel, 33-gauge microneedles. With this optimal needle configuration for a microneedling device and using the Tru Vertical™ technique taught in Rejuvapen NXT® online training, healing times are reduced considerably. This allows for more treatments in a smaller window of time. Additionally, the scalloped edge of the microneedle tip eliminates suction and clogging during use. Some patients have reported that this creates a more pleasant experience than with other systems.

The ISO Tips are threaded to the Rejuvapen NXT®. Other professional microneedling device tips have a quick disconnect, which may potentially cause the tip to become dislodged from the handpiece during a procedure.

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