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Basics of Under Eye Microneedling

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Many aesthetic providers have reported success with microneedling under the eyes.

The production of collagen, a protein that gives your skin structure, slows with age. The deep fat layer under the skin begins to slide down the face as well. Under-eye microneedling increases collagen and restores volume to the area.

Microneedling under the eyes leverages the natural wound-healing process. The result is healthy skin cell growth and increased collagen and elastin production. This process makes the skin plump and firm, diminishes the signs of aging, and minimizes the overall appearance of dark circles.

Whether specifically targeting dark circles or another skin concern such as wrinkles, microneedling under the eyes attacks the cause of the issue, which is collagen loss. Following microneedling, the skin's healthy glow returns. The skin around the eyes is restored to a more youthful condition as collagen and elastin levels increase.

An under-eye microneedling session takes less than 30 minutes and is considered painless. Microneedling is a proven, safe, and effective anti-aging treatment.

In addition to proper training to perform this procedure, using the right device leads to success when microneedling under the eyes. A device with smooth and consistent operation ensures that it is under the provider's control at all times and there are no jerking motions during the procedure. Additionally, a depth of 0.25 mm is indicated for microneedling the thin skin around the eyes.


A precisely-engineered device like the Rejuvapen NXT® is ideal for this application. Rejuvapen NXT® is even FDA Cleared for treating periorbital facial wrinkles.

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